The Canadian Powerskating Association is dedicated to providing all Canadians the opportunity to participate in the sporting
activity of powerskating.


The CanadianPowerskatingAssociation website was created to connect everyone with the powerskating industry.


The association welcomes you to register online and become a member of the CPA.


The CPA hosts and open forum to collect resources, feedback and insight from member industries.


When you join the CPA, you gain exclusive invitation to participate in industry topics, forums and events.


The CPA offers learning opportunities for coaches & organizations through its diverse knowledgebase.


Network, share and compare coaching tips, resources, guidelines and and cirriculum with industry partners.


Create the opportunity to network with other powerskating professionals throughout Canada.

For Coaches and Organizations

  • For Coaches

    The CPA provides a process of certification of competency, authority and credibility for Canadian powerskating coaches.

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  • For Organizations

    We provide a standard of excellence in the sporting activity of powerskating for Canadian teams, clubs & organizations.

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  • With cooperation from the CPA, we are able to further provide essential opportunities to all Canadians seeking to participate in the sporting activity of powerskating.
  • The CPA has provided excellent support and resources enabling us to help kids participate in powerskating regardless of barriers.